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advocacy survey

Fill in our survey for a chance to win £50!

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About our survey

The aim of this survey is to gather information on what people in Norfolk know and think about advocacy. It has been created by the Norfolk Advocacy Partnership (NAP). The data gathered will be compiled into a report with the aim to improve the quality and accessibility of advocacy services in Norfolk. This survey is completely anonymous. No questions are mandatory. Detailed responses are appreciated but not necessary. 

How do I win £50?

After completing the survey, you will get instructions on how to enter the price draw. Your contact details will be stored separately to the survey to ensure your responses remain anonymous. 

I am unable to fill in the online form!

If you are unable to fill in the online form, you can collect a paper copy of the survey at ShopMobility Chantry Place. Find them at the Car Park, Level -1. 

Chantry Place
40-46 St Stephens St
Norwich NR1 3SH

Can I withdraw my response?

Because the survey is anonymous, we can only remove your response if you take note of the exact time you took the survey, so we can find your response. Contact us if you would like to withdraw your response.

Why should I fill in the survey?

Beyond the chance to win £50? Each response is valuable to our work. These results will enable us to better promote our services, apply for funding and improve our advocacy services. 

I have more questions!

If you have further questions, please contact us using the contact form below. Alternatively:

Phone 01508 491210


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