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what is advocacy?

An Advocate is an independent professional who can support you to have your voice heard on a particular issue. They can help you to understand a process you are going through and will try to support you to build up your confidence.


Some common issues we provide support with include housing, finance, child protection cases, accessibility issues, healthcare access and care providers.

Advocacy is about recognising the needs of people and making sure that their voice is heard.

- Mike, Equal Lives

how can advocates help?

  • Represent your views and wishes if you find it hard to communicate.

  • Help you to make an informed choice and come up with a plan of action.

  • Attend meetings and help you to understand what is said.

  • Help you to understand important documents.

  • Be non-judgemental and respectful to you.

how to access advocacy services

how can i learn more?

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