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about us

NAP advocates for systems-wide change
across Norfolk. We aim to disable barriers for
people of protected characteristics, from
disability to age and race.

Photo of a rainbow crossing. Only people's legs are visible. Everyone is wearing different shoes and one person has a metal leg



The NAP organisations joined the steering group of NCAN (Norfolk Community Advice Network). 

April 2022

Norfolk County Council fund NAP to provide advocacy services.


The Norfolk Advocacy Partnership was established.

June 2023

NAP hired a partnership coordinator, funded by the National Lottery.

What we do

Signpost to services

There are services across Norfolk to support with most issues, but it can be hard to navigate them. Contact us by phone, email or our webform to find the right service.

Structural Advocacy

We aim to promote the rights of disadvantaged groups. Examples of this include:

  • Working with local organisations such as district councils and the NHS

  • Campaigns

  • Providing training 

  • Creating awareness of issues

  • Creating and improving service offers

Connect organisations

Through networking, co-production and other partnerships, we establish connections with other organisations in the sector. Connecting with them and each other helps us to improve our intersectional approach. 

Promote and improve advocacy

Many people who may benefit from advocacy services do not know that they exist. By promoting advocacy in Norfolk, we can attract more funding and increase our service offer. 

We share knowledge, attend training and constantly strive to improve our services. 

our partners

Equal Lives' logo which says, 'Equal Lives' in dark purple text, and underneath that smaller, lilac text reads 'Free From Disabling Barriers'. To the left of the text are three purple, flying bird shapes, with the purple deepening and size increasing as they descend.

Equal Lives is a user led disability rights organisation working across Norfolk and Suffolk. 100% of our trustees identify as disabled, as do many of our staff. We offer a range of services across our organisation, all designed to empower disabled people, giving them choice and control in their lives.

Phone: 01508 491210



Our Quality Assurance

Our partner organisations strive to provide advocacy services to a high standard. 

  • Many of our advocates have a National Advocacy Qualification

  • The principles from the Advocacy Charter (2014) are at the core of our organisations

  • When working with anyone under 21, we follow the National Standards for the Provision of Children’s Advocacy Services. 

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